Speaking at the Burning of the Custom House conference, the Custom House, Dublin, on May 26 2018.

Gerard Shannon is a resident of the town of Skerries in north county Dublin, with a lifelong interest in modern Irish history. His history research interests focus on early 20th century Ireland, more specifically, the personalities involved in the political movements of the revolutionary decade and the later consolidating of power in the nascent Irish Free State.

He has recently had articles published in the Irish Independent (online edition), Ireland’s Military Story magazine and on The Irish Story website. In July 2017, Gerard was the main organiser for the Muriel MacDonagh Commemorative Weekend in Skerries, which featured talks and a commemorative parade in the locality that marked the centenary of the tragic death off the coast of Skerries of Muriel MacDonagh, widow of executed 1916 rebel leader, Thomas MacDonagh.

He has recently completed a Masters in History in the School of Geography and History at Dublin City University (DCU). His completed thesis focused on the IRA Chief-of-Staff Liam Lynch during the Irish Civil War.

Addressing the crowd at Skerries beach for the Muriel MacDonagh Commemorative Weekend, on 9 July 2017.