Praise for Liam Lynch: To Declare A Republic

Created: April 26, 2023

I’ve been thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to my Liam Lynch biography. A heartfelt thanks to any outlets that took the time to publish reviews and coverage of the book. I’ve included a few choice excerpts and links below.

‘This excellent biography will hopefully bring his story to a new generation, and is well worth reading for everyone interested in Irish history.’

– David McCullagh, RTÉ

‘Gerard Shannon delivers a nuanced portrait of Lynch’

– John Walshe, The Irish Times

‘This is a superb biography, so deeply researched and fluently written that it could also serve as a general history of Ireland’s revolutionary period.’

–  Andrew Lynch, Sunday Business Post  

‘… a satisfyingly human portrayal of a man normally either demonised or mythologised in Irish history.’

– John Dorney, The Irish Story 

‘Lynch, as with so many republican heroes, has suffered from revisionist historians who have cast him as an intransigent who prolonged the war with the Free Staters. That myth is destroyed by Gerald Shannon’s long-awaited biography. The nuanced portrait of Lynch that emerges from the author’s meticulous research is of a man struggling to resolve conflict with his former comrades rather than exacerbate it.’

—Roy Greenslade, Belfast Media