RTÉ History Show, Joseph MacDonagh Book Interview

Created: December 18, 2022

In December 2022 I was interviewed by Myles Dungan on the RTÉ History Show about my book Alderman Joseph MacDonagh, TD – Tipperary’s Forgotten Revolutionary Politician? 

On this week’s programme – the life and death of forgotten revolutionary Joseph MacDonagh; the long history of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem; and the men and women of the Anglo-Irish Treaty Delegations.

Joseph MacDonagh

Joseph MacDonagh (1883 – 1922) was one of the generation who devoted their lives to the struggle for Irish freedom in early 20th century Ireland. The younger brother of Thomas MacDonagh, he was a pivotal figure in the Irish Revolutionary movement. He was a T.D., Minister for Labour, political prisoner, hunger striker, and a vocal opponent of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

He died tragically died at the age of 38, on Christmas Day 1922, leaving behind a wife and young family.
Even though MacDonagh was so highly regarded by his contemporaries, he’s still one of the most forgotten figures of the Irish Revolution.

A new book, Alderman Joseph MacDonagh, TD – Tipperary’s Forgotten Revolutionary Politician? tells his story. Myles is joined by the author, historian Gerard Shannon.