Talk: I Longed for Vengeance: Arthur Griffith, Sinn Féin and the 1916 Rising

Created: March 10, 2016

A talk I gave in 2016, jointly hosted by Trinity College Dublin Student Union 1916 Centenary Initiative and Trinity Politics Society, at Arts Block, Trinity College, on 10 March 2016.


All Welcome to a talk by Gerard Shannon (contributor to The Irish Story, coordinator of Skerries Remembers 1916 and member of Skerries Historical Society) on Arthur Griffith, founder of Sinn Féin, and his role in nationalist Ireland during lead-up to and at the time of the Easter Rising.

What was inaccurately termed the ‘Sinn Féin Rebellion’ ran counter to the pacifist ideology long espoused by the separatist journalist and advanced nationalist Arthur Griffith. Yet, as the historical narrative goes, because of this wrongful association the Rising completely changed the political fortunes of the political party that Griffith led, Sinn Féin. But how did Griffith himself – by then a controversial figure in advanced nationalist circles – react to the rebellion, and what were his movements during Easter Week 1916?

Come along to find out more about one of the most influential, but often overlooked, figures of 20th century Irish history. Hosted by TCDSU 1916 Centenary Initiative in association with Trinity Politics Society.

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